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People Notice Blood

February 7, 2012

Today I am going to be applying the critical process to a string of Public Awareness advertisements that I’ve found that really caught my attention. They specifically deal with talking on cell phones while driving and instead of targeting the person with direct consequences, they show the other side of a phone call during a car crash.

Here’s one of the ads:

Pretty graphic…

This is the ad that I concentrated on for the observe portion of the process.

Strictly listing observations of the photo at face value. The 1st thing your eyes are drawn to is the blood erupting from the phone. The nest is the face. The woman is obviously in some sort of anguish. I personally immediately focused next on the insignia under her arm. “Don’t talk while he drives” and a sort of badge under that. Then, because it was my direct task to observe the picture, I noticed how everything in the picture was a pale hue; it seems washed out. This is obviously the aim of the color scheme to immediately draw the attention to the blood. Also by observing the cabinets behind her and the things on the counter, my best guess is that she’s in the kitchen of her house.

Next step: Analyze. The repeated patterns throughout the line of ads are the anguished face, the obvious blood exploding from the phone… really the only things that change between all the ads are the person and the place that they are. All the observations that i listed in the above paragraph are repeated through the line of pictures.

I’ll be honest for the nest step (Interpret), i don’t really know how to discern between this step and the one pervious. I’ve been meaning to ask about that…

But moving on to evaluate. These pictures really intrigue me. I like how instead of showing the direct cause of talking on the phone while driving (a car crashed, the ambulance, the body bag), this picture pulls on the outlying ripples of being on the phone. It even almost looks as if the person on the phone is experiencing the crash just as much as the actual driver of the car. This shows how the person talking on the phone is going to be just as affected by the accident that they indirectly caused. I can’t exactly put into words the ideas this puts into my head, but i think that just goes as proof of how effective of a piece of media it is.

And now I press the publish button to ENGAGE!!!


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