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Alaskan Mobility Coalition…. who knew?!

February 28, 2012

This week’s subject to the critical process is a commercial made by the Alaskan Mobility Coalition. It’s a commercial to raise awareness within the Alaskan population about the importance of their public transportation system.

The 1st step is to describe. The video is a time-lapse at the beginning of congested traffic flowing. It then shows a montage of busses going in the diverse situation where public transportation is available (urban, suburban, far spans of highway).  Then it shows the same thing with the vans provided by the Alaskan public transportation. It then shows people on the buses sitting and talking and aiming to show just how much fun they’re having on their bus ride.

I wish my bus rides had been as fun as they were in that commercial...

Analyze: It shows the busses 1st. With people boarding the busses and then a few “action shots” of the busses gallantly traversing the Alaskan roads. it then shows the same thing with the large commercial vans. People boarding, then the vans driving around in the cities and around the town. Then it goes to a montage of action shots of both vans and busses. Next, it shows a handicapped scooter being put on the bus to show that it is handicapped accessible, then it shows a person loading a bike onto the front rack of the bus to show that there is a place for you to store your bike if you choose to ride the bus. then the 2nd to last shot is of a woman talking to someone off camera and smiling to show she is enjoying her experience on the bus. Then the last shot is a landscape shot with the Alaska Mobility Coalition logo. The audio of the video is elevator music with a overdubbed woman talking about the use of public transportation and the importance of it.

Evaluate: This video has quite a repetitive pattern and serves really no more purpose to show the viewer the resources of the Alaskan public transportation system and to show the friendliness of the other people that utilize the system.


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