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Description of Mediated Product

March 20, 2012

This blog post is to describe the mediated product that we will be submitting as our final project for the class. I neglected to do my blog post explaining my choice of medium due to already having a 20 point extra credit, but I intend on making a type of public service poster. Not unlike the ones I have subjected to the critical process in my previous blog posts.

The biggest part of creating a poster of the sort is the fact that you need an image that will grab an audience’s attention like the blood in the poster in my People Notice Blood post. this can be done with loud colors or an intense picture, but I wanted to concentrate more on the actual content of the image instead of ways of catching people’s’ eyes with image trickery.

My idea concerns the content of the food that you unquestionably shove into your mouth. Recent uproar has come about due to the “pink slime” that is a term referring to ground beef that has been treated with ammonia and deemed safe to eat by our very own FDA. this is going to be the focus of my poster. How you should probably be concerned with what is considered safe to eat.


My plan is to showcase the treatment of this meat by either showcasing a steak or other meat marinading in a bag of bleach as if it were steak marinade. In the bottom corner of the picture would be a phrase like “Ammonia! It’s what’s for dinner” or “Where’s the bleach?!” Another idea would be  to have a picture framed from inside of a lunch cafeteria’s kitchen facing out of the door where you can see the back of the lunch lady as she interacts with the children. Then have a bottle of ammonia in the foreground on a table and the background is the interaction of the lunch lady giving the children the food. The bold text of the poster would say something to the tune of “Eat up kiddies, it’s packed full of NH3! Know what the FDA says is safe for your children to eat.” Even though this is a gross over exaggeration, it is an accurate representation of what the FDA is allowing companies to do concerning meat. I still have a lot of research I want to do before my presentation and oral report, but I feel like I can have a good bit of information on this topic simply due to the magnitude of the problem at hand.


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