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Final Product Trois (that’s 3 in French)(I’m not classy, just trying to add some flair)(that’s a really long title)(I’ll stop now)

April 17, 2012

Dear Internet and my thousands upon thousands of loyal followers, fans, and groupies,

I regret to inform you that this may be my last writing to you. This post is to give one last insight on the process behind the construction of my final product. We’ve had good times: the manager at Wal-Mart giving me the stink eye and confronting me about taking pictures of the meat aisle. We’ve had the bad times: my mindless rantings about my disdain for my chemistry teacher. Yet what matters internet, is that we’ve been here for each other the whole way through.

But enough reminiscing. Time to get down to brass tacks and talk about my final product. I have pretty much finished up my product. Currently it is done and I am rather pleased with it. I feel that the picture i took was a nice backdrop for my message and that it is all packaged and prepared rather well. Now that I’m done prettying it up, i just have to prepare to actually present it. I don’t have any classes tomorrow so I plan on devoting all day to preparing my notecards and outline to ready myself to present 2nd after Jem on monday.

I think the majority of my presentation is just going to be drawn from my justification paper. Pretty much all of my ideas and thoughts, I put into that paper. One of my major fears is that I will get side tracked and ramble because I honestly feel like I could do a 20 minute presentation over this assignment. Don’t get me wrong. The 7-10 minute benchmark is perfect. I have just really enjoyed this assignment and the thought process and just creative process that went into creating it.

Yours’ truly,

That guy from class that’s always wearing the Bears hat, Lucas



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